“I help to build the catalyst building blocks needed to let humanity and the world thrive in abundance

You’ve come here to find out more about me, Immo BΓΆhm. That’s great. I hope we can work well together in the future πŸ™‚

I grew up on a farm in Namibia, studied a B.Sc in Nature Conservation and Animal Husbandry in Stellebosch, South Africa. Later I did an MBA and started reading a lot. A career in IT and Logistics led me to start my first company, and then a few more. After stressful years in IT I sold my stake in the companies and took a 16 month sabbatical. I wanted to do something more in line with my values…finding ways to bring positiveness to the world, while having more time for my young family πŸ™‚

That led me to start Olusheno, a social enterprise (B-Corp) that helps hundreds of thousands of less privileged people in Namibia have affordable, safe, clean light and energy access.

Expansion led us to start DayBright in Botswana and South Africa.

Still I was not satisfied, taking the view that our current liberal democratic capitalist economic view and vision would not lead to a happy society for all. Some of the economic concepts are necessary, but the system design is not sufficient. More needs to be done.

I took a Permaculture Design Course by Bill Mollison and started the Namibian Eco-village Network and the Permaculture Whatsapp Group with a group of like minded folks.

I read tons of books and eventually wrote my own (as yet unpublished) as a guide to my thinking and possible solutions. This reading and research led me to make a list of components needed to move from the current to the new regenerative good and happy world.

I then founded Fast Forwad DAO and the Living Earth Projects Voluntary Association as a core for building these components needed for a new egalitarian and sustainable society.

One such component is the Living Earth Expo where we bring together everyone working progressively in the Food, Water, Energy, Shelter and Coordination spaces to give ordinary folks a glimpse into what our future good world could look like.

Another is a wiki where I gather all the knowledge and ideas on how to build a vibrant village and feed oneself with limited resources.

Yet another is a small farm in the beautiful but arid rocky semi-desert of Namibia where we find ways to abundantly feed a village of 70 people on a limited borehole water supply of just 20m2 of water per day.

Why this project you might ask?

If we can achieve the above we solve so many problems, including the land question, migration, slums and poverty.

Other projects dear to my heart and critical components in their own right include:

SEEDS offers crypto based tools to help you, your business and your movement regenerate our planet and encourage collaboration, cooperation and community building. We are changing the way we assign and distribute value.

The Namibian Organic Association (NOA) is a membership based association established by a group of dynamic farmers and consumers with the common interest of developing the organic sector in Namibia.

Lately I’ve engaged with the Life Legacy project.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund works to save the cheetah from extinction.

The Namibian Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS), is a network of people and organisations that care about our environment. The Society provides a forum for public discussion of environmental topics and gives us a public voice.

I also support the DTS Kamikaze Inline Hockey Club and the Olympia Neighborhood Watch.

Ecosia is a search engine making a difference πŸ™‚

If you want to join my efforts please connect πŸ™‚

To get in touch, reach out on Linkedin

Here’s to a great future “)